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About our GDPR training courses for schools

Groupcall’s online training course subscription provides access to three GDPR training modules, appropriate for all school employees: from site managers, caterers or administrative staff, right through to the IT team, senior managers and even your Data Protection Officer.

Each module comprises engaging, bite-sized learning chunks, tests to check learning and an assessment at the end - successful completion of which earns the learner their CPD certificate.


Why choose Groupcall?

Groupcall was created back in 2001 with a passion to make things better for schools and their students. Since then, over the past 17 years, we’ve pioneered the latest home-school communication solutions, MIS system integration and data aggregation tools. And yes, our first client is still with us today.

Our technologies securely processes data on over 7.5 million students every day, so we know a thing or two about data protection in the education sector. As a result of this experience, we have provided face-to-face GDPR training sessions for over 9,000 school leaders across the UK, and we are now able to offer our new CPD accredited training courses online, meaning you can learn anytime, anywhere on any device that has an internet connection.

Foundation course

Foundation course

This beginner course covers some of the basic fundamentals of the GDPR and provides a general awareness for all members of school staff.
Intermediate course

Intermediate course

Our intermediate GDPR course builds on the fundamentals learned within the foundation course, and is primarily aimed at teaching staff and senior management.
Professional course

Professional course

The professional course is our final and most advanced GDPR e-learning module, which is best suited for school data leads and data protection officers.
CPD accreditation

CPD accreditation

Upon successful completion of the GDPR e-learning modules, school staff will receive their CPD accreditation and be able to demonstrate GDPR best practice within their roles.

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Some feedback on our GDPR training:

"The best GDPR course I have been on, thanks!"

"Excellent training with an incredible wealth of knowledge."

"Lots of information, but very well presented and kept my interest."


A whole-school approach to GDPR

Catering Staff

Catering Staff

It's important for all catering staff within a school to effectively obtain and utilise suitable information on a child (such as any food allergies) whilst knowing how to store and protect it.

School Business Manager

School Business Manager

To become fully GDPR compliant, it is necessary for School Business Managers to understand how to effectively manage the procurement process, ensuring all external suppliers are also compliant.



For Headteachers, identifying how well the school is demonstrating GDPR compliance across all departments is critical to ensuring the necessary interventions can be made to protect student and staff data.

Admin / Support Staff

Admin / Support Staff

Administration and support staff typically deal with a wide range of data on a day-to-day basis, therefore it is crucial for them to understand best practice procedures to ensure compliance.

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

Teachers obtain pupil information regularly in both unstructured and structured formats. Knowing how to protect mark books and pupil records is vital, especially when teachers are working outside of the school premises.



For school Governors, understanding the importance of data sharing and protection under the GDPR is essential, especially when it comes to using personal email accounts to deal with school data, which Governors often do.

Caretaker / Site Manager

Caretaker / Site Manager

For caretakers and site managers, it is essential to understand why site security is one of the first lines of defence against data breaches occurring in schools, and how to improve it for compliance.

School Nurse

School Nurse

For school medical staff, it is vital to understand how to effectively work with a child's medical information, how to store it, and who such information can be shared with.

Data Manager / DPO

Data Manager / DPO

Data managers face ongoing challenges under the GDPR, particularly around which breaches they should and shouldn't report to the ICO. It is important that they are also supported with effective training.


What are the costs?

Pupil numbers

Annual cost per Academy or School
0 - 100
£195 + VAT
101 - 200
£295 + VAT
201 - 400
£495 + VAT
401 - 500
£695 + VAT
501 - 800
£795 + VAT
801 - 1200
£895 + VAT
Over 1,201
£995 + VAT


Bespoke pricing available on request for multi-academy trusts or local authorities.

Please note that these are the costs for access to all 3 courses (Foundation, Intermediate and Professional) for an unlimited number of staff within the organisational license. 

There is an additional cost for the admin control panel that allows enrolling of courses across your organisation. Please contact our sales team to find out more.

Groupcall GDPR e-learning for schools



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In addition to our e-learning courses, we have also put together a free guide to ongoing GDPR compliance dedicated to the education sector.

This guide highlights some of the fundamentals of GDPR compliance and explores what actions need to be taken to ensure your school remains compliant.

To download this content, please use the link below.

Download here

Ongoing GDPR compliance for schools